Mark Lojek

Artist Bio

Mark Lojek, is an artist, his choice for expression, photography, his primary concentration, black and white film. What sets Mark apart is his wide variety of subjects and strong desire to elicit emotion with each piece. Still life, cityscapes, landscapes and nature are all fair game. Sharp contrasts between lightness and darkness as well as softer images using natures’ own haze are also part of his portfolio. While living in New York City, he could not ignore the pull of the graffiti artist. Color became part of his portfolio.

Mark was introduced to photography at an early age while watching his father, painstakingly set up and take a photograph. The time and attention to detail often resulted in amazing local award winning shots. Mark took the traditional route, photography classes in high school, president of the photography club, and ‘developer’ of the school’s first dark room. With the technical aspects of photography and dark room behind him, he set his attention to the artistic side. Mark won’t be found talking about f-stops. He will however, talk about the feeling the photograph brought to him when the photograph was composed. Mark constantly has projects in progress, and his camera nearby. He has presented his work in a ‘meet the artist evening’ in Richmond VA and was a featured artist in the Modern Eye Gallery in Charlotte, NC and Edge Gallery in Philadelphia, PA. Mark, Washington DC area native, now works in New York City.